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related to a decision to shut polo ralph lauren outlet down a TV network in India, Time Warner had adjusted income of 67 cents a share. That's better than the 64 cents expected by analysts surveyed by FactSet. The New York-basedcompany's adjusted income a year ago was 58 cents. Revenue grew 4 percent to $7 billion, ahead of expectations of $6.82 billion. Time Warner's cable TV networks, ralph lauren polo outlet which include CNN, TBS, TNT and HBO, saw revenue grow 3 percent to $3.6 billion. The company benefited from strong ad rates, better timing of the March Madness basketball games and higher fees collected from U.S. cable and satellite TV distributors to carry the channels. That was offset partly by a decrease in content revenue; last year's quarter got a boost from licensing HBO's "Sex and the City" to other cable outlets in the U.S. At the Warner Bros. movie studio, ralph lauren outlet online a stronger slate at the box office contributed to a 7 percent revenue increase to $2.8 billion. Big performers included "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" and "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island." The division also benefited from higher licensing revenue of TV shows and the video-on-demand availability of a television series, but revenue from DVDs and other home entertainment sales fell.

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